Math C.A.M.P.


The Center for the Advancement of Mathematical Performance (Math C.A.M.P.) provides a safe, encouraging environment for all students that promotes the learning and development necessary for achieving academic success and a lifetime of self-sufficient learning.

Why Math?

Mathematics is  a powerful tool for solving practical problems, combining logic and precision with intuition and imagination. The basic goal of mathematics is to reveal and explain patterns. - whether the pattern appears as electrical impulses in an animals nervous system, as fluctuations in stock market prices, or as fine detail of an abstract geometric figure. 

Who We Are...

Mary Lou Shelton directs the Developmental Math Program for the Department of Math & Statistics. Ms Shelton's office is in the Lee Drain Building, Room 436.

Center Secretary: Debra Donald runs the daily operations of the lab for the Math Dept. Her office is in FAR 104 if you need assistance.

Tutors: Math CAMP tutors consist primarily of Mathematics, Statistics, and Math Education majors. Most of our tutors have completed Calculus II and many advanced mathematics courses.

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